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  Paracas - Nazca

Callao-Paracas-Nazca-Callao. - " Sky-Sea and Earth " a very special alternative for arriving at the natural reserve of Paracas. After cruising around the local Islands, where you will have a unique opportunity to observe sea lions, albatrosses, seals and penguins in their natural habitat, we will take you to Nazca in 4 wheel drive trucks --equipped with A/C and coolers.

To culminate this great adventure, we will fly you over the mysterious Nazca Lines. The return to Callao is of your choosing: by comfortable minivans, or sailing back with us. The whole trip lasts 5 to 7 days.


Nazca Lines.- Two thousand years ago, ancient Peruvians drew lines and vast animal figures in the flat desert floor, figures which they would never see themselves, as they are only fully comprehensible from the air. Huge triangles, trapezoids, zig-zags, and animals.

How did the ancient people of the Nazca desert achieve such geometrical precision, and what is the meaning of the drawings of giant spiders and birds? Swiss author Erich von Daniken argued in "Chariots of the Gods?" that they are the remains of a giant extraterrestrial airport.

Decades of exploration and study by German-born mathematician Maria Reiche led her to see the Nazca lines as a sophisticated astronomical observatory, created to mark risings and settings of the sun, moon and stars